Is it possible to improve the quality and functionality of soil and its biodiversity?

Is it possible to accelerate natural regeneration and ensure higher productivity?

Is it possible to handle exotic and invasive species in a way that promotes the vitality of the native forest?

Is it possible to combat desertification by ensuring biophysical and social resilience in a semi-arid context?

We believe so!

The Alcoutim & Mértola CCDesert is an experimental process promoted in partnership by the Municipality of Alcoutim, the Municipality of Mértola, the Association Terra Sintrópica and the Association of Forest Owners of the Lower Guadiana Ridge.

The project is being carried out under Notice 2021-REACT-13, Compete 2020 Program, and aims to create the experimental park of the Alcoutim & Mértola Competence Center for Combating Desertification (CCDesert), having been approved under the Recovery Assistance Program for Cohesion and Territories in Europe, being 100% financed by EU funds - ERDF.

Pilot 3
Pilot 4
Pilot 5

The aim of the Terra Sintrópica Association's proposal is to test, monitor and transfer knowledge about the use of successional agroforestry systems as a model of ecological regeneration that facilitates the mosaic and productivity of systems. The three proposed pilot areas have a total area of approximately 4 ha and are distributed between the Mértola Forest Perimeter and the Mértola Agroecology Center. 

Come and discover, question and go deeper into the proposals being tested every Wednesday on a guided tour. 

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