Therapeutic Gardens

The Therapeutic Gardens project takes place in nine locations in the municipality of Mértola and seeks to implement new gardens, while developing a set of activities that promote physical, cognitive, and emotional proactivity.

From 'monte' to 'monte' we go on an itinerant journey, building bridges between the past and the future, the inherited culture and the envisioned culture, (re)knowing landscapes, celebrating people, and turning the paths we take into a map of affections.

Throughout the municipality of Mértola we seek out the people who make planting a celebration, sharing knowledge, practices, and memories around plants.

It is a project promoted under the Healthy Neighborhoods program, a public program of a participatory nature, which seeks to contribute to the improvement of health conditions, well-being, and quality of life in vulnerable territories, promoting initiatives for the development and empowerment of local communities.

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