Regenerative Process Underway


PREC" (REGENERATIVE PROCESS IN PROGRESS) is a unique concept in Mértola. A food hub offering innovative vegetarian meals made with local, seasonal and regenerative products. A welcoming space that represents another small step towards local food sovereignty and responsible production and consumption. 

A very special place, with a canteen/café/grocery store, where every day the ATS team, visitors and local friends get together to enjoy delicious meals prepared with great creativity by chef Davide Nunes and his team.

At PREC, traditional cuisine is reinvented and given contemporary and international touches. It's plant-based cuisine, made with the freshest vegetables and fruit from the region, which means there are new options every day. The dishes are prepared with local, organic and regenerative products, and our main supplier is our own produce at Horta da Malhadinha.

Here you can find fruit vegetables, legumes, fresh and dried mushrooms, olive oil, wines and craft beer and essential oils.

A unique and privileged space that works on health (through healthy food), the environment (supporting local and regenerative production), and the social context (building regenerative critical human biomass that fosters conversations around a regenerative future). 

This is also a space of celebration, of the care of life. We are inspired and hope to be inspiring, so we look forward to your visit.

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