Regenerative Process Underway


The PREC - REGENERATIVE PROCESS IN PROGRESS, is a welcoming space located in the town of Mértola, which represents another small step towards local food sovereignty and responsible production and consumption. 

A very special place, with canteen/café/grocery, where daily the ATS team and local friends gather to enjoy delicious meals prepared with much love by Margarida, a wonderful cook, who very creatively adapts traditional Portuguese food into healthy vegetarian dishes.  

Here you can find fruit vegetables, legumes, dried mushrooms, olive oil, wines and craft beer, or essential oils.

A unique and privileged space that works on health (through healthy food), the environment (supporting local and regenerative production), and the social context (building regenerative critical human biomass that fosters conversations around a regenerative future). 

This is also a space of celebration, of the care of life. We are inspired and hope to be inspiring, so we look forward to your visit.

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