We co-create regenerative community processes in the semi-arid region, inspired by syntropy.

In one of the regions most affected by depopulation and desertification, Mértola finds itself in a socio-ecological labyrinth where various challenges cross paths. It is in this context that the Associação Terra Sintrópica seeks to test solutions, with a view to a more ecologically safe and socially just territory.

Mértola is also a territory of resilience, creativity and high social capital. Values dear to this association that tries to transform weaknesses into strengths and, in a restless and resilient way, make this territory an experience territory for new solutions, a Laboratory of the Future for the Agroecological Transition, through the concept of "regeneration through use". 

Apresentação da Terra Sintrópica, vídeo realizado pela trAEce

More than a project, we are looking for a process. A community process with care as its fundamental value. Caring for the soil, the people, and the future, assuming the sustainability of the agrifood system as the matrix of the territory's biophysical and socioeconomic regeneration.

From production to consumption, a collaborative governance model is sought that allows for community capacity building and awareness raising, fostering the transfer of best practices, in convergence with the local agroecological transition strategy.


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