Institutional Information


Article 1.
Denomination, headquarters and duration.

  1. The non-profit association, adopts the name Associação Terra Sintrópica, has its headquarters in Mértola, Estrada dos Celeiros, No. 15, Além-Rio, 7750-301 Mértola, parish of Mértola, municipality of Mértola, district of Beja and is constituted in accordance with and under the legislation applicable to it.
  • The association has the legal entity number 515170941.

Article 2.

The purpose of the association is:

- Environmental Defense.
- Local development.
- To foster the interaction between nature, agriculture, food and local communities, through the application of models of ethical and conscientious exploitation and management of natural, human and financial resources.
- To develop and support the regeneration through use, of territories with high susceptibility to desertification and climate change, through research, demonstration, cooperation and education.
- To disseminate and promote syntropic agriculture, as well as other concepts that contribute to the above mentioned object.

Article 3.

The revenues of the association include

  1. The initial fee paid by the members;
  2. The product of the contributions fixed by the general assembly;
  3. The income from the association's own assets, and the income from social activities;
  4. The liberalities accepted by the association;
  5. The subsidies that are awarded to you;
  6. Donations and patronage.

Article 4.

  1. The association's bodies are the general assembly, the board of directors, and the supervisory board.
  2. The term of office of the members of the corporate bodies is 3 years.

Article 5.
General Assembly.

  1. The general assembly is made up of all members in the full enjoyment of their rights.
  2. The competence of the general assembly and the way it functions are those established in the Civil Code, specifically in article 170, and in articles 172 and 179.
  3. The board of the general assembly is made up of three members, a president and two secretaries, who are responsible for running the meetings of the assembly and taking the respective minutes.

Article 6.

1. The board, elected by the general assembly, is composed of three members.
2. The board is responsible for the social, administrative and financial management of the association, and to represent the association in and out of court.
3-The form of its operation is that established in article 171 of the Civil Code.
4. the association is obligated with the intervention of 2 elected members of the elected direction.

Article 7.
Fiscal Council.

  1. The fiscal council, elected in a general assembly, is composed of 3 associates.
  2. The fiscal council is responsible for supervising the administrative and financial acts of the direction, supervising its accounts and reports, and giving its opinion about the acts that imply an increase in expenses or a decrease in revenues.
  3. The form of its operation is that established in Article 171 of the Civil Code.

Article 8.
Admission and Exclusion.

The conditions for admission and exclusion of members, their categories, rights and obligations, will be set out in the regulations to be approved by the general assembly.

Article 9.
Extinction, Destination of Assets.

Once the association is extinguished, the destination of the goods that are part of the social assets, which are not affected to a determined purpose and that have not been donated or left with any charge, will be subject to deliberation by the associates.

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