Ana Laura Cruz

Born in Belém-PA, Brazil, where it either rains every day or rains all day, she emigrated to Portugal to study for a master's degree in Management and Cultural Studies at ISCTE/IUL. A communicator and cultural producer, her experience with cultural events could have made her put down roots in urban soil, but her contact with regenerative practices, in a country where rain doesn't make daily visits, ignited her desire to do more for the world. She began volunteering in different projects, with her hands in the soil and learning in practice that caring for the soil also means caring for water. Today she uses these experiences in favor of Terra Sintrópica's Communications and Marketing.

António Aires

He was born in Paraíso, at the foot of S. Domingos, land of miners, and currently lives in Mina de S. Domingos, near Mértola, land of other miners who take history from the land. A regular contributor to the Agroecology Center, he is now a miner of a different kind, one who digs the earth for food, for the senses, for the soul, for a will that has found in syntropy a mine full of connections that can transform the miner who takes or removes from it into a symbiotic relationship with history and nature.

António Coelho

Farmer with 14 years of experience in the production of aromatic plants, vegetables and fruit. Co-creator of the project, he is responsible for the syntropic production in the Agroecology center of Mértola Horta da Malhadinha. In his practice he uses techniques of organic farming, biointensive farming, natural farming, biodynamic and syntropic agriculture. Accumulates several technical training in the area and has experience as a trainer in different technical courses in agriculture.

Davide Nunes

Chefe de cozinha do PREC, o Davide é apaixonado pelas artes desde música a cozinha.
Passou por uma pastelaria em Tel Aviv e geriu a sua própria no distrito do Porto.
Mas foi em Berlim que ele estabeleceu-se nas cozinhas plant-based, trabalhando com profissionais de vários contextos internacionais. Voltou para o Porto, chefiou restaurantes e em paralelo ele iniciou a cozinha pop-up SOPA TORTA onde co-cria experiências novas e sazonais através de parcerias com outros espaços e projectos.
Vir para Mértola foi fácil, largou a cidade para trás e veio atrás da mítica calma alentejana.
Gosta de vegetais, de agricultura sintrópica e trabalha directamente com os produtos bio e regenerativos da Malhadinha.

Dayana Andrade

Since 2009, he is dedicated to the theoretical study, practical experimentation and dissemination of Syntropic Agriculture. In Mértola, she co-created Terra Sintrópica and developed and implemented the award-winning project Hortas-Florestas, developed in 5 schools in the municipality. In the field of communication, she launched the mini-documentary "Life in Syntropy" during CAP21 in Paris; created and maintained the portal "Agenda Götsch" for 8 years and worked as an environmental consultant in the soap operas "Velho Chico" and "Pantanal". She is co-author of the book "Life in Syntropy - Ernst Götsch's Syntropic Agriculture explained". She has a PhD in Environmental Sciences from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Eunice Neves

Graduated in Landscape Architecture, she worked in Portugal and Holland with private gardens, public spaces and urban planning. In 2009 she learned about the concept of Permaculture and in 2015 embarked on a research trip about pioneering permaculture projects in Australia and USA. He returned to Australia from 2017 to 2021 to continue his research and work side by side with some of the pioneers of the movement. In 2018 she co-created with American Sara Wuerstle the education, research and design project - GUILDA Permaculture. Currently, she is part of the team at Associação Terra Sintrópica as coordinator of the project 'Terra de Abrigo'.

Felipe Pasini

He has been dedicated to Syntropic Agriculture since 2005. Until 2018 he managed the experimental areas at the Learning Center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In Europe, he helped the establishment of pioneering experiments of Syntropic Agriculture in the Mediterranean in Portugal and Spain. Since Fall 2021, he is responsible for promoting a syntropic transition on a farm in southern Italy, on which former olive groves suffer from ecological imbalance. He was an environmental consultant in the soap operas "Velho Chico" and "Pantanal". He is coauthor of the book "Life in Syntropy - Ernst Götsch's Syntropic Agriculture explained". He is co-creator of Terra Sintrópica and holds a Master's degree in Environmental Sciences from UFRJ.

Inês Afonso

Graduated in Applied Languages. She has more than 10 years of professional experience in the administrative and accounting area.
She came from Lisbon to Mértola because she believes in the potential of the territory and in the regenerative power. Her areas of interest are languages, project management and people, since they are fundamental pieces in a system under construction. She is a collaborator of the Associação Terra Sintrópica where she performs the financial and administrative management.

Katharina Serafimova

Entrepreneur, initiator and co-creator of transformational initiatives, she has many years of experience in developing innovative local and international projects. She was Head of Renewable Resources at a Swiss consulting firm, Head Sustainability at a Swiss private bank and senior sustainable finance advisor for WWF. Since 2014 she has been teaching at the Institute for Banking and Finance at the University of Zurich. In 2017, she co-created Terra Sintrópica. She is a founding member of Regenerate Forum and is part of the management team of Shareitt, a P2P-App for a more humane, ecological and circular economy.

Laura Marques

Pilgrim through the body of the Earth, with particular sensitivity to caring in proximity and in frontier contexts. Weaver of belonging, between and uniting human development (and degrowth) and deep ecology, seeking the integration of who we are as part of the All. I have a degree in Social Work from the University of Coimbra, and a Masters degree from the London Metropolitan University. Accompanying people in their various transitions has been her familiar landscape, as manager of human development and cooperation projects in various territories. Mértola found her in between. She collaborates as an eco-social technician in the 'Terra de Abrigo' project.

Magda Silva

Agricultural apprentice.
He came from the north of the country to one of the most challenging, but undoubtedly most innovatively regenerative places. T.S. in Organic Agriculture, in the process of completing her degree. She wants to combine the information she has acquired in recent years with her in-depth knowledge of nature, in constant sharing with the human ecosystem of the Terra Sintrópica Association, with which she identifies in essence. Animals led her to agriculture, and agriculture to Ernst Götsch, syntropic farming and Mértola. Here she will devote her time and energy to holistically regenerative practices and processes. She collaborates in the Nursery and the Floresta Gardens.

Margarida Coelho

Life has made her a true woman of arms, she has worked since childhood in many different areas and in many different places, in the countryside or in industry, in Portugal and in England, and because of this she brings with her the wisdom of many arts and crafts.
Entrepreneurial and not afraid to innovate, it is in the PREC kitchen that her experienced hands work magic, transforming vegetables, legumes and cereals into true taste experiences. She attended the Food Evolution/Renerative Cuisine Course and now nourishes the team daily with regenerative food and affection.

Marta Afonso

Born in Lisbon, but with roots in Mértola, she decided eight years ago to follow her heart and move permanently to Mértola, where she had always felt welcomed. Her path crossed with that of the Terra Sintrópica Association, where she met a team that was incredibly welcoming, humane, sensitive and concerned about the future. Because she identifies with the project, she dedicates herself daily to absorbing what she learns about sustainability, agroecology and regeneration at PREC, in order to pass on her learning to those who pass through.

Marta Cortegano

Innovation broker of rural development, migrated to Mértola with the dream of bringing together people, ideas and entities in the development of collective and participatory strategies that seek to find the abundance hidden in seemingly scarce environments.
Forest Engineer, Master in Management and Conservation of Natural Resources and with a Postgraduate Course in Sustainability Sciences, participates in several national and international working groups on innovation, agriculture, forestry and sustainability. Co-created the Terra Sintrópica Association, in order to promote the idea of Mértola as a Laboratory of the future for the Agroecological Transition in semi-arid territories.

Mª Cristina Moncayo R

From Colombia, she shares her apprenticeship in community processes and her academic training as an environmental engineer and PhD in agroecology. Mértola taught her about the integration of agriculture and agroecological restoration. Learning that has become a hopeful path of challenges and cooperation, to rethink local agri-food systems, around succession agroforestry systems, urban agriculture and community water management from a political ecology perspective. She is currently working with Terra Sintrópica as part of the Center for Agroecology and Regeneration for the Semi-Arid, focusing on monitoring and processes of south-north-south-north exchange and cooperation.

Nuno Roxo

Born in Mértola, he is passionate about the area where he has always lived. Long involved in local projects, including youth, cultural and recreational associations, he has also been a co-creator of Terra Sintrópica since its inception. Easy to talk to, he never misses an opportunity to put the essence of the area and its community into context for visitors.
The activity of Tourist Guide serves to enhance the best of what we have in the territory, from history to the natural park, from gastronomy to hiking, this is his territory. The added value for the Association is the articulation between the team and its various projects; responsible for PREC, and for coordinating the volunteer program.

Nuno Sequeira

Born and raised in Mértola, he started working at an early age, combining work and canoeing, which allowed him to travel to many places. But his passion for art, drawing, photography and video spoke stronger, he returned to his studies and graduated in Fine Arts and Multimedia.
A videographer by profession, he co-founded and embraced this project, collaborating regularly with Terra Sintrópica, documenting the history and evolution of the entire agroecological transition process underway and simplifying the scientific narrative into a language accessible to any language: the alteration of the landscape and the regeneration of the territory and the people, told through images that move and inspire us.

Pedro Nogueira

Decrescent landscape architect and researcher into the notion of landscape as a critical device. A matrix uniting perception, materiality and representation.
His professional career includes collaboration with the National Culture Center and the Serralves Foundation on projects to disseminate and promote scientific literacy.
He is currently a collaborator with the Terra Sintrópica Association and coordinator of the Agroecology and Regeneration Center for the Semi-Arid, reflecting on the sustainability of the agri-food system as a matrix for the biophysical and socio-economic regeneration of territories.

Vitor Baptista

He was born in Faro, Portugal, but has deep family roots in Mina de São Domingos and Montes Altos. His life is a story of passion for the countryside and nature, having spent time volunteering in Africa in the field of agriculture.
Passionate about sustainable practices, he currently lives off-grid, putting his knowledge of syntropic/regenerative agriculture into practice, seeking autonomy combined with harmonious coexistence with nature.

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