'CALL THE FUTURE' is the name of the cooperative with which we collaborate under the 'FOOD EVOLUTION' program.

A program that combines 3 strands - co-leadership, regenerative food, and regenerative agriculture - in the promotion of a new agri-food system based on caring for people and the land.

Throughout 10 cycles, we seek to understand how the regeneration of ecosystems can be taken over from food production itself. For this, we take the forest as a model, trying to synchronize its dynamics with agricultural production, in agroforestry systems. Productive systems, based on the respect for life, in its multiple dimensions.

From the macro to the micro scale, we think, question, and act collectively, expanding the reflection on the territories crossed and the landscapes experienced, on a journey where ecological reflection connects with socio-cultural reflection.

Together, we call the future, sowing seeds of life.

For more information visit the REBUNDANCE website:…/programa-evolucao-alimentar/

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