A Nursery to Regenerate the Territory

The agroforestry nursery aims to support agroecological and regenerative transition processes in semi-arid Mediterranean territories. It has been designed as a multifunctional process, inspired by the structure of the rhizome of plants, seeking to generate new regenerative shoots that can branch out from any of the functions of the nursery.


Conservation and propagation of native seeds and plants, functional and adapted to the semi-arid context, of varieties of vegetables, herbaceous perennials, fruit, forest and medicinal plants for the implementation of agroforestry systems, which contribute to regenerating life in the territory.

Action research for the generation and sharing of knowledge and dissemination on propagation, care in planting and production of plants in semi-arid contexts.

Pedagogical training resulting from learning by doing

A space of articulation with different actors to promote and cooperate in projects of territorial regeneration.

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